Monday, July 6, 2009

Sansha's TA-11"s

Here are two pictures
the top is the Sansha TA-11 a hybrid shoe .Which is a Sansha fusion pointe shoe with a tap shoe sole and taps on it . The bottom is a regular pointe shoe with toetaps or in modern language pointe/taps .I preferr toetap because the tap are on the box's toe.

Hello I would like to pointe out Some differences.

Between Sansha TA-11's And a Toetap shoe.

Or, the modern name Pointe /Tap shoe.

My friend Ben wrote to the boss of Sansha .Trying to get them to make a traditional Toetap shoe . With many tries .They still kinda missed the mark. This shoe(the TA-11) is what I would call a hybrid shoe .Consisting of a Pointe shoe and a Tap shoe sole .While you can tap on pointe with it .The shoe which has no tap on its boxfront.Which will give you a muffled sound . You can do all the tap moves and pinte work .Just you can not combine them .Into a real toetap production.

Toetapper Like to break the classic form of ballet . Most dancers do pointe /tap or toetap with out realizing it . When they get a new shoe they tap the point to soften it or , so I am told .Toetaper love to hear there shoes make nose, as to say freedom .From being so rigid and repetitiveness.

Since I am the last person to make these taps . I do know about them . I make each tap to the wearer so they can do pointe work without impedance from the tap.I become a expert in this field. A toetap shoe has the tap on it's boxfront . You can do all most any tap move or dance step. Just on pointe .I have made the taps so,you can combine pointe work into each performace.The Pointe /Tap or toetap shoe, I make are a true fusion of these two arts .

Pointe shoe quiz. Can anyone tell me what shoe my taps are on ?


  1. You make such beautiful taps Paul! I think Sansha probably wanted to hold down the cost so they used available parts, rather than having to create a toe-tap that encases the platform which would require a new a new design. Of course, to you and me they missed the whole ‘pointe’ of making a toe-tap shoe. The good news is that you still have no competition!

    It looks to me like the shoes your taps are on are Grishkos because that is a Grishko sole pattern.


  2. Jill ,
    You eye is dead on ! They are brand new grishko's . I made the taps for Stephaine