Sunday, February 13, 2011

A poor mans Ballet bar

Hello My friends ,
The next step in getting to the exercises Nora gave me . I did not have enough money to send to a company for a ballet bar . So, I drafted one !
went down to the local hardware store . Now mine is on a 2x4 with three outward braces . Now 2x4 today are about two inches high. I needed a height of 44 inches . Here what you are going to need to build one
I made mine out of 3/4 galvanised pipe.
Two 3/4 by 24 inch sections
Two 90 degree elbows
Three 3/4 flange
One 3/4 T coupler
Three 3/4 by 10 inch sections
Three 3/4 couplers
Three 3/4 by 30 inch sections
If you want to make it like the picture above
Your going to needed Three 3/4 T's
With 6 more sections of pipe
Ok building time
Take one 90 degree elbow and put a 24 inch section followed by a T then another 24 inch section Followed by a 90 .That is the top section The legs are the following The 10 inch sections
The a coupler followed by a 30 inch section On mine the legs are screwed into a 3/4 flange.
If you want to make it to the picture the feet go a 3/4 T followed by a pipe section on each side .
That all there is to it . I made mine for about 50.00 US

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