Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Pink Shoes

I knew my entering the world of pointe work .Was a long process . The lady that has given me a chance . Is Nora from the Ballet Center in Old Bethpage NY. A really dear a sweet woman to meet. When I introduced myself she was a bit taken . Sort of like my first intro to one of my dearest friends. When She had gotten over the shock . Then understood I had gotten a pair of pointes. From Pirouette and how she had fitted me .She wanted to see me with them. Today at 3:30 pm was the appointed time . I arrived early just to give a good impression .
There is no fooling a pro! In all reality I was not going to try. I lost a lot of knowledge after my stroke . So it is fair to say I am again a Ballet new born. She told me that most dancers Marked there shoes left of right after there broken in . Me I just started them that way. Nora looked at the shoes and the pads .Also she looked at the way I attached the elastic and ribbons. Before she let me put them on my feet . I really admire her for her carefulness. She asked me to go to the bar. Put my feet into first position . Then roll onto pointe . The minute I did . She said ,you need to learn more about ballet! See ya can not fool a pro! I was not getting over the box properly. So, She gave me three exercises to do .
One was the first position to a plie to a roll then roll down.
Second was a modified Battement tendu . The modification was at the end where the foot points. At that point I was to flex the foot upward then back down and ,go to the next part of the movement.
The third is a well To me look like a sideways runner stretch. You start out in first roll onto pointe and push one foot over the box then roll back down . I don't know what it is call yet two times made my left foot look better and my right calf scream.She got annoyed a little .Because I was looking down to see what I was doing wrong. Nora wanted me to have my ears over my shoulders. I don't know why yet she said it makes a difference.
Could any one tell me why it makes a difference?
She said to walk around the house with my shoes on . If I don't want to get them dirty , put some socks over them .
Also to get a ballet bar at 44 inches which is a good height for me . Well looks like I going down to the hardware store and building one.
She said to do them for two weeks and give her a call . I guess to see how I doing ...maybe to give me somemore excerise's to do. I really can not wait!
Well that my blog about my first baby step into pointe

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  1. Good for you Paul! It sounds as though you are starting out right!