Monday, February 28, 2011

lost Teach

Today I called Nora for my two week review. She said she could not do it this week .Due to getting ready for a performance . To call her the middle of next week for the appointment. I said ok. Then the shoe dropped! She started with I don't really know where your going with this . I don't have a Adult pointe class I can put you in. Can you go to the city? There are a lot more options there . I look up to see if I can find you any .
I don't have the fund to travel back and forth nor do I have the time . Sigh She was perfect! I made a promise to a friend. That I would not do pointe work with out a teacher .
DAMN IT ALL!! I was having a blast! Even with the pain. I guess I'll dissasemble the ballet bar,and put away the shoes . Damn it . Sigh!!!

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