Friday, March 11, 2011

Stretching in first

While trying my feet at a Echeppe

I discovered My feet would not bend into the proper

Ballet position. As you can see from the picture . First and Fifth position are at a 180 degree feet rotation. From the normal feet position. No matter how hard I tried ,I just could not get my feet into ballet form.

I tried it bare footed with skin gripping the rug . I managed to hold it with some slipping. So, since I am somewhat a stubborn person . I will find a way. maybe not the correct way.Yet, a way.
I was sitting at the computer. With the ballet bar next to me .Just starring at it .Asking my self "how can I get my feet like the picture." Need someway to keep them in position....Mmmm to push against.

I remembered that I had the 2x4 piece of lumber that I used .Before, I changed over to the metal feet for the ballet bar. The lumber was still the same size as the ballet bar in length. I removed the small side bracing's .So, I had one long piece of lumber . I laid it down across so, the ends of the ballet bar.So, they touched the wood.
Now standing in front of the bar . I addressed it. Hello ballet bar ! giggle.. sorry a little humor.
I placed my feet far apart a drew them together into First position . I must say one thing .

OMG! My muscles feel like there ripping! From my toes into the knees to my lower back! My eye ball are rolling into the back of my head! To quote Dr. Smith "oh the pain ..the pain..the pain!!!!"
With my feet still now glued in the first position. I rolled my back into a circular motion and bowed over. I moved leaning away from the bar and then back to it. I was determined to hold this position. After a minute or two . I pushed one foot away and pointed it ,then pulled it back. then did the same with the other side . Then tried to let go of the bar . Not a good Idea. . After five minutes the pain level did go down a bit . I then tried to Releve in this position . Did it to a full demi pointe. Then returned to First. With a little problem . I sure with a little more practice. I can remove the wood all together .
There must be a easier way. To stretch out the feet . Any sugestions?

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