Sunday, March 27, 2011

lost another one

I starting to feel like the child nobody wanted. After I got home . I just went into my room and just cried. I really don't want to do any ballet right now . She gave me so much hope! Now it is gone. I really don't want to look for another teacher . Her reason : Svetlana run a non profit ballet school . She is the artist director and head administrator for fund raising. Right now she is into raising money . Her Partner Venti Petrov is doing a Broadway production .That he is directing . So, I can not go there . I am not good enough to be put into beginning pointe class. I am a student in that gray area that one one knows what to do with. Maybe ... I just .. I don't know do .

1 comment:

  1. Why don't you ask to be put in a beginning ballet class? That is where you should be starting. If you haven't asked to take adult beginning ballet you might want to ask.