Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Teacher maybe?

To all my friend who read the previous blog.
Well I done a few stupid thing in my day . That one is in the top ten so far..
I had a dear friend for many years now. She has never scolded me in anything until yesterday.
Also, I never had a future teacher tell me don't do anything else on your own . That what I here for.
To keep a promise to a dear friend . I went to seek another teacher . Svetlana from lumiere ballet was suggested. A Russian teacher it was thought that the male teacher would have .Taught me due to him being a male Russian trained dancer . It was thought he would have understood my complex set of problems.
I arrived in deer park about noon. Entered to studio , and was addressed by a woman behind a desk. I heard her talking to another dancer about getting a foot doctor. When she addressed me ,I suggested my cousin Alan Brey . Gave her his name and where he was . I said maybe I should tell you a little about myself before, I get rejected. I told her about my first encounter in elementary school with dance and ,how my mom did not want her child in tights.Told her about the previous teacher , my pointe shoes and, how I prep my feet for pointe work . At that point, she said you do not need to do all that. That the third ballet dancer that said that to me . She made me an appointment for next Saturday at 2:30 my time. She wants to see my alignment. I still don't know what she means. I told her I was trying to do a Echeppe. She said without missing a beat ...your not ready for that yet. I told her I don't understand the ballet terms . She whipped back that what I am here for. I show do! Call me Friday to remind me .

At that point I left . Sweating... and I did not really know why?!
Damn My knee is really numb. My Physical Therapist is really going to lay into me on Monday for that stunt!

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