Saturday, March 19, 2011

Svetlana from lumiere ballet

Well It is Saturday ..D-day sort of speaking. As promised , I showed up a little before 2:30.
I brought pictures of some toetap dancers ,and my art work . Sort of a ice breaker and Svetlana seemed interested in seeing them . When we spoke the week before. As we waited for the studio . I opened my portfolio and let her view the art work . She said I had a real understanding for the physics of the dance. Svetlana had to speak to the mothers of the group for a few minutes .Before she entered the studio with me . So, I went ahead As I entered the main studio . I came across a grey floor material . Some sort of floating floor with a echo . I know because when my shoes hit it . My stomach muscles tightened when it resounded into the mirrored room.I started to sweat... a coldish sweat. There was some benches by a wall before the main studio . I moved towards a started to remove my shoes and socks. At the moment Svetlana came in. Saying you can wear socks for today. I want to see your shoes . I opened my bag and showed her my blochs pointes and slippers. The slippers was new I still had not worn them . She picked up on that as soon as the hit her hand . I told her I don't even know how to do a tondu.. Oh why did I say that!
We moved towards the main studio She said Face the bar . I grabbed it like it was a life line . I rolled up my pants . Then followed her into first position Then she starts a 4 /4 down beat count . With each movement of her foot .. What .. I in trouble ! All I have to do for now is follow. She was teaching a tondu in 4/4 time.All the todus when she was done with them .She stopped at which I thought ,we was all done ...wrong! It was time for the pointe shoes and releves! I did not catch it at first because she rolled the R. When she said, you say it releve. A lump in my throat formed. OMG! In first from flat to demi to pointe back to flat,.. Then in second. I have been with physical trainers for 45 minutes .. and I have got to say . They never raised my heart beat like she did. I was sweating for real! She moved me through so many things today to see my alignment. It is still a blurr. We moved back to the area of the benches and, talked a bit.
I asked her wanted to see my alignment. What did you find out .? She answered I was pleasantly surprised. She looked at me and said I am not going to charge you for to day.Come back next Saturday same time . I replied I could kiss you..thank you.
I have a TEACHER! Wa hoo! Damn I hope I remember all the steps.!

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  1. Good for you Paul! A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I wish you well on your ballet lessons.